Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sweet and Sober Hooliganism?

Sorry to those that have been checking this blog and found nothing new. The gears of class society and the sounds of sires turns and whines in the background, and sometimes keeps me from thinking of things to bring to this table.

I made a bet recently that I couldn't go a week vegan straight edge, so I'm up for it. While I was driving today, I did think about proletarian struggle and being sober. I remember reading and listening to a lot of the vegan straight edge bands of several years ago, before I grew out of punk and stopped paying attention. Bands like xgatherx always impressed me, even if I wasn't totally into their politics or scene. I remember reading in the straight edge communist zine, xTotal Destructionx, that they were draw to xvx because the idea of a sober revolutionary youth force appeared to hold possibilities for them.

I was straight edge for a time in high school, after I went through a phase of dabbing in the usually high school parties. After I grew older, I came to enjoy more and more different beers, mostly the high end IPAs and such. But then you grow out of paying $20 for like 4 beers a night, and then move on to the cheap shit, which will get you drunk and also tastes great with Taco Bell or a late night sandwich, (another downfall).

Anyway, it seems in this society, (and I'm totally going to steal this from David Gilbert right now), but we often live at two polls. One, the puritan vein, which preaches abstention, the other, which goes for excess. Often, perhaps, with either sex or drinking, or whatever, the best would be right in the middle.

When I think of sobriety, or eating healthy, or anything, a lot of thoughts come to mind. There is a part of me that wants to use my body and time with it as expendable, to get cheap thrills and enjoy myself. But, from lung caner to obesity, we all see the pit falls of this. There is another part of me that feels that any calls to go vegan or moralistic and stupid, and also are idiotic with the amount of money such a lifestyle demands. However, our health is in some small ways what we do have control over in our lives, for revolutionaries interested in the long run, health is something that we should take seriously no?

If health is broken down, away from lifestylism, away from consumerism, away from veganism or any moral urge to "vote through the market," what are we left with? For working people without a lot of money that wish to stay healthy on a budget, what should our direction be? Throw into the mix the lack of time we have at lunch breaks to get food, the limited options due to cost, and also the time factor of preparing meals, not to mention the difficulty that comes along with feeding children - the odds are not in our favor. Capital tastes so damn good at times, and it also is often cheap and quick and easy to get. Plus, like the patch next to the smokes, they want to sell you your cheeseburger as well as your ab roller.

I think for groups of revolutionary proletarians perhaps the solution comes not so much in pushes for just the individual to 'get their shit together,' but in talking in groups about different health concerns and how to proceed. To people want to quit smoking together? Do people need groups to discuss mental health and drug and drinking problems? Will group meal nights lead to more healthy meals? Perhaps time to quit going to taco bell and start up the bbq for some roasted veggies? This ain't no DIY rant or some plea to get back to the land simply as a 'means to break capital,' but, let's take good care of these bodies, we're going to use them to do some pretty crazy shit.



  1. Well put. I also share a similar experience with going through being straight edge in high school and have lots of respect for it.

  2. My affinity group got sick this winter, like 6 times. Major bummer.

  3. although i do think 'splitting the difference' (in para4), while an argument we're often exposed to, is pretty obviously bogus...

  4. fuck, i didn't get to vote on the freegan poll.
    do one about drugs next


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