Thursday, March 11, 2010

K'Naan - Total Piece of Shit

So, one of the best song's on the last album, against the rich, and about the realities of wars and poverty, got turned into a shitty ass ra ra song about "waving flags" at the Olympics. I mean, get your bread up, but this dude is a total beez.

Here's the original version.


  1. I think it's actually the official song of the FIFA world cup this year, but either way, that's pretty fuckin lame. The shot with the Coca-Cola logo on the soccer ball at the beginning was disgusting.

  2. Yeah I've pretty much lost all respect for K'naan. His new EP is cringe-worthy (auto-tune, total pop-music feel). He's become a sell-out and I think a lot of us want the old K'naan back.