Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Revolutionary Support for Lil Wayne Builds (Finally!)

From New Orleans Reclaim the Streets:

This was a lively rolling New Orleans street party highlighting the
imprisonment of hometown hero Lil Wayne and Baton Rouge’s Lil Boosie
as examples of how the police and prison industrial complex do not
work. There are a thousand reasons to love the best rapper alive;
besides inspiring and keeping a much-needed focus on New Orleans, Lil
Wayne (along with Atlanta’s Gorilla Zoe) was also instrumental in
breaking Goblin Awareness into the hip-hop mainstream. He and Boosie
have brought happiness, hope, and strength through music to people
around the world. Think about it: how does putting them in prison make
anyone safer? Furthermore, why is marijuana illegal? Why do we allow
people to tell us what is or isn’t permitted? And Weezie’s arrest was
bullshit… “attempted weapons possession?” What does that even
mean?… Where was the NRA or other mainstream so-called “rights”
groups to stick up for him?

The whole system is broken. The police and courts system is fucked,
not just here in Louisiana, where we have the highest arrest and
incarceration rates AS WELL as the highest crime rates, but
everywhere– this is the same “free” country where Antavio Johnson
went to jail simply for writing a song about his frustration with
police & the courts.

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. Also, babies with tattoos are funny.


  1. eery1 wher we frum love lil wayne baby.
    smash prisonz.

    3erd w/d.

  2. and who benefits? the police, lawyers, and judges, the private owned prison industry with federal budgets...