Sunday, December 13, 2009

Heroes Face Massive Charges For Bringing the Fight to the Rich

Last week, leaving UC Berkeley, a group of about 50-70 people took to the streets and marched on the UC Berkeley President's home; a mansion to say the least. Windows were broken, plants and other property were thrown and broken, and torches that were on hand were thrown at the building. Police arrested people from within the march and are charging them with enough felonies to require an over $100,000 bail.

One of those arrested is our dear and close friend, Dee Allen, who is a long time working class anarchist from the Mission District in SF who deserves full and complete support.

Free Dee Allen!
Free all those arrested at UC Berkeley!
Solidarity with all those who confront our enemies!

More info here.

Report from the march here.

Background video of Dee Allen here

Support website for Carwil who was also arrested here


  1. Fucking awesome. Way to bring the old school protests back in style. Too bad about the arrests.

  2. fuckin A!!! i didnt realize they got dee. FUCK THAT!!!!!

  3. The two uc berkeley students got their charges dropped down - everyone else is probably going to get fucked, hard.

  4. last person they want in jail