Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Back on the West Coast

A week on the east coast with some good comrades. It's always nice to be around people who actually are revolutionaries. Who know that this is not a career and nothing good comes out of involvement in this shit - so you better get good at not getting caught up. A friend I think shook me out of heading into a new identity of that of the 'communist,' and reminded me that I'm more interested in simply people violently rejrecting the conditions that are imposed upon us by class society.

When I asked someone if they went to New School they laughed, scoffed, and became angry. And they say class consciousness is dead. That's not a slight at people who go there, just something I find beautiful.

Also, Dee Allen is free! Along with the other fools.

I realize that this blog has been pretty dead in terms of content, but I'm starting to work on the new Modesto Anarcho, another publication, and starting to piece together the next Vengeance in my head.


  1. I hope the next Vengence has a huge donkey dick gracing the cover.

  2. isnt communism in the sense that commies we like talk about it all about violenty rejecting the conditions imposed by class society? the objective an inherent contradiction that does so, in fact, rather than an ideological movement or organizational form? thats what im feelin...

    fuck that hammer and sickle shit though i'd sooner reclaim the swastika

  3. Yeah that makes a lot of sense, reject a symbol that originally meant peasants and industrial workers uniting in favor of a symbol used by fascists. siiiiiick bro.

  4. No. The swastika was originally a near-universal symbol for good fortune. It goes back as far as the Neolithic era (probably because it was derived from basket-weaving patterns or some such thing). The Nazi's caught onto it because of their conjecture based analysis of Indo-European culture and migration (in addition to it's world wide presence). It's been repudiated by people dominated by European historical memory ever since -- understandably so.

    Compare and contrast that to a symbol that was crude, boring, and blatantly obsessive in it's salute to the fetishization of the working class. It's practically a workerist version of the Russian Orthodoxy's Patriarchal cross.

    Anyways... symbols in general are bad. Well, at least for people like us who can be easily identified or easily identify with a 'cause' or marginalized ideology. It's best not to provide a means by which people can become compulsively identified with, or obsessively hostile towards, a logo, idea, or slogan (especially in our circumstance, where capital is relentlessly searching to invent and reinvent commodities). So fuck 'em both. They're both spoiled milk.