Monday, November 16, 2009

Looptroop Rockers

"I'm out there bombing trains, trying to bring back the days of 36' in Spain."

"Decapitating the dead monarchy, replace it with some fresh anarchy."

"Simple and dumb, you'll ask why, simple and plain pigs deserve to die. Slaughter your crew, yo fuck 5-0."

So, one of the best groups of all time, Looptroop Rockers, known sometime ago just as Looptroop (one of their members left the band, so they renamed themselves), are finally hitting the US on a tour on both coasts. They're playing in Berkeley and New York, so I might end up going to see them twice. Tickets aren't that much and from the videos I've seen online, they put on an awesome show. If you haven't heard Looptroop, check out their stuff online. Also, check out Promoe from Looptroop's solo stuff. They are one of the few "political" (I know Promoe at least calls himself an anarchist) groups out there that I can still really get into. They are also one of the few hip hop artists to really "speak" to the love of graffiti and the motivations behind it. "You claim it's not political, but to me, the whole art form questions private property. A political crime of passion, this one is for my train bombing, train trashing." Want a reason to get into LTR, look up Promoe's song, "These Walls Don't Lie" and Looptroops "Yes Ayah" on youtube. Become a fan.

Check out their site at: And see you in Berkeley and New York at the show?


  1. saw these guys in copenhagen at an ungdomhuset fundraisers. great shit, bring some hash. :-)

  2. dam haven't thought of these fools in years. good shit!

  3. As far as radical hophop go,
    check out Sess 4-5 and Mia X both from that 504 ya dig?

    Mia X is da baddest bitch.
    Sess 4-5 was all up in the fight against demolishing public housing.