Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Don't you wish your work allowed you to slack, like me?"

Some new essays and texts floating around out there you should check out.

The first is from the Phoenix Class War Council, and deals with libertarian/right wing resistance to the border check points and speed cameras, and how they fit into a critique of white supremacy and control over movement. Also looks at the various forms of direct action and sabotage that has sought to attack the cameras. Check it out here.

The next is a text up on the 325 website, which is a flyer text for a call for a demo in solidarity with immigrants. Read that here.

A new blog has been started for Christos and Alfredo, the two anarchists arrested in Greece on October 1st for robbing a bank. It includes a text that's pretty good as well as some posters that you can make up. Check that out here.

There's a text out there that's been floating around called "The Team." The idea being you wear a button at work to let people know that you'll hook them up and then when you see others with it, you get hooked up. I was kind of skeptical of this at first, but it's won me over. "In the end, the point is not to establish some sort of alternative economy where we all just go on working our miserable jobs, but rather to help create a climate of subversion, to plant seeds that may manifest in various untold forms, to experiment, and above all to begin to attack the sources of misery." Read it here.

Lastily, there is a three day strike going down tomorrow across state schools. If you live by one or can make it out, looks like things are going to pop off. Check out some info and a quick occupation guide here.

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