Sunday, October 4, 2009

on the road again

In the bay area. AK Press was largely a bust. Long Haul was pretty good; Aragorn had lots of great critique for us, as well as other comrades. Tonight is Station 40. My car was broken into last night. Always sad when you see lots of other rich cars right next to yours. Now I have to spend my wages on a window and a new stereo. What is is that RAUM said when their car was broken into? "Whatever happened to robbing the rich?" Guess my "Stop Broke on Broke Crime" sticker didn't help me with this one...


  1. Hopefully you don't have that as your bumper sticker. Imagine whirled peas!

  2. hella sucks bro... on the plus side, your hearing may recover slightly

  3. poor people cant afford car alarms.