Sunday, September 6, 2009

stay strapped

The idea of proletarian unity is exciting - but there are major hurdles. On my street there are white kids who chase people while screaming "nigger!" at the top of their lungs. Someone close by us we are pretty sure is selling drugs. There's a lot of traffic that goes back and forth because so many homeless people sleep by the river. We've found one jar with a crack pipe and a needle in front of our house. Then there was the time that the door to our house (and my room) was open and we're pretty sure someone was trying to break in.

It's nice to talk about communities without the police, but in reality the gangs and the dealers and fuck ups are often more scary and more down to just blow your ass away. What do you do when someone who is slanging is beating his girlfriend so loud you can't sleep and you can't really do anything about it? You certainly can't have a community meeting or a general assembly. Makes me not want to be without protection and without a sense of not being able to defend myself.

What's stupid as well is that in California you got to go before the Sheriff or Police Chief if you want a Concealed Weapons permit. You got to give copies of police reports to show that you need one, etc...Pigs hold all the cards.

"if you're poor, you better stay strapped..."


  1. Gonna start maiming kids for selling weed and carjacking? Or shoplifting?

    Fuck the 'ra.

  2. I don't think anyone was saying that...

    I think a lot of the anti-crime stuff that the IRA did is worth investigating and interesting; although not a perfect model by any means, nor are their politics.

    The loyalists also had anti-crime shit in their communities as well.

  3. Mostly it was a joke. We all know people who sling rocks 'cos they had to, as Tupac would say. Honestly though, any militant movement which for so long had (and continues to have, in some places) so much community support needs to be analyzed and at least understood.

  4. Yeah, well, the loyalists were even bigger douches than the Ra. I get that it was somewhat tongue in cheek, and also that examining certain policies by PIRA is not the same as "OMFG up the ra". I just tend to get pissed when people uncritically herald foreign guerilla armies who really were largely authoritarian thugs.