Friday, September 25, 2009

Liam was right?

Do I feel fucking old today. All I did for the rev was get my presentation for the MAC speaking tour ready to go, while people across the state of California were occupying shit, on strike, and going buck wild. Meanwhile in Pittsburgh, people got down in the streets. Not getting close to the convention, but instead going off and rioting. Those who broke away were only about 200 or so according to most reports, but managed to escape massive arrests and cause damage to a lot of targets like banks and corporate stores.

Surely riots against capitalism during a time of economic crisis is a least not a bad thing right? I'm still not sold on this whole summit as social war model, but fuck it, I wish I was out there with ya mang.

As for the state wide UC strike thing, there seems to be several encouraging developments. UC Santa Cruz has an occupied building as does UC Berkeley. There are several unions on strike, and students are organizing walkouts. An interesting time to be a student or staff member. How long till the social factory goes boom? Tic tic tic tic...

For all my friends, across CA and in Pittsburgh. Hope you're not in jail. Hope all your friends are safe. Hope you did some shit you were proud of today. I wish I was there with you. But I can't. When I go to work tomorrow, hopefully you'll be bringing the world of work one step closer to the end. Bring me back a t-shirt.

Here's one comrades take on the day's events
. Here's the great statement being distributed by UC occupiers; linking the budget cuts to the global class war.

the vague questions, the politics, the feuds great and petty disappeared as in the realm of tactics, friends, estranged acquaintances and perfect strangers together encountered the concrete possibilities: how to move this dumpster? where do we find more big rocks? how to best attach this section of fence to the building? trash vessels, quarry debris and other useless materials found new purposes in the architecture of barricades. the fatigue in my muscles was no longer important; it was go time. i had no idea when i put my t-shirt on in the morning that i would be wearing it over my face later in the day. thanks for that, comrades.


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