Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I smell white people.

So, quite soon, I'll be stuck in a car with some close comrades, being funded by some sugar daddy money (everybody get's there's right), and headed out to the Seattle Anarchist Bookfair. I'll be honest, all of the workshops look pretty lame. Actually, the Anarchists Against the Wall one seems interesting, but the others don't see to be that interesting to me. There seems to be a couple on accountability within anarchism. Anarchism being filled with sketchy anarchist men has been something that's been on my mind for a while. Why does our movement seem to attract a load of dudes who just want to prey on women? Why do these people stay in anarchism? Apparently the whole revolutionary thing isn't working for a lot of these people, but they don't have anywhere else to go...So sad. Sucks you have a felony and your parents have already cut you off from going to Stanford, but enjoy living the rest of your life canvassing for Greenpeace while knowing that you're a complete piece of shit. (That was directed at a fictional person, but if you WERE offended hella siiiiccc...) I ask women if they believe in accountability processes and they just kind of shrug. Fuck, I don't know what the solution is, and if I give anything that's in a kind of "Just beat the shit out of them" vein I risk looking like a total manarchist and I really don't have any ideas past that. Hmm...maybe I will go to these workshops and see if they have any good ideas. Just the thought of having to sit through a bunch of activisty stuff sounds about as interesting as watching grass grow. Or about as fun as hanging out in scenes filled with dipshits and sexual fuckups.

Also, if you're lucky enough to have nice parents, or insane enough to rack up a lifetime of dept, or smart enough to get a scholarship, at all the UC schools there is going to be massive walkouts on Thursday of this week. This social strike appears to have big possibilities, as staff, professors, and students are all walking out on strike. Good luck all you future social managers. Abolish yourselves before we do.


  1. Manarchism? Ha! I'd just say, "beat the shit out of them" -- presumably a duty left to the one's who were assaulted in the first place. And if they can't manage it for whatever reason, that's why we invented mutual aid. Don't lead the ass kicking, share the ass kicking.


    But for real, "accountability relations", if that's what you want to call them, can only ever be implicit, in my mind. De jure accountability can only be enforced through 'social contracts'. So, all the more reason to just kick the assaulter's ass to make them know we got each other's backs. This stuff should be out in the air and generally recognized as a principle among anarchists (because it is), i.e., it shouldn't have to be a 'process'. Mutual aid and voluntary cooperation, suckas!

    Sorry if I'm jumping to conclusions. Also, from what I know, these instances of sexual assault and whatnot only seem to occur (in the context of the anarchist milieu) among activists and their whole scene. Just one more reason for those people to get out of activism. But I could be bullshitting, since I have really no experience with activists. Anyways, that's my two cents.

  2. Crudo gets awesome points for his flippant dismissal of the "social strike".

    "Good luck all you future social managers. Abolish yourselves before we do." Sounds like something to put on university walls.

  3. yeah madlib honestly i only hear about that shit at least with an anarchist context happening at summits and convergences and gatherings where a bunch of new to anarchism folks get together with folks they've never met and play make out party until it gets scary.

    of course it happens at home too, but then usually with in the context of punk houses etc and weird marginal socail scenes.

    i am intersted in anarchist ideas for justice though. i've seen some good stuff from certain accountability processes and then some shitty.

    the idea of conflict circles seems pretty cool.


  4. i think it should be said that sketchy guys who prey on women are all over the place, including anarchist communities as well as in activist scenes and subcultures. In terms of accountability, I think its generally important for the survivor of the assault to direct that shit- if the survivor wants the perpetrator of the assault to get the beat down, so be it, and all the better in my opinion.

    when a woman in our community recently made it known that she had been raped by a dude on the periphery of the punk/anarchist scene she didn't get a whole lot of support. she made it known she was pissed and was then accused of not dealing with the situation "constructively". A lot of people in the community immediately got on the defensive, denied shit, and generally showed their lack of backbone. It was pathetic.

    I'm really appreciative of this woman coming forward about being raped because it has caused lines to be drawn between those who feel that survivors of sexual abuse should be supported and perpetrators held to account, and those who would rather not confront the issue so as not to make themselves feel uncomfortable. It's so sad when kids claim to reject patriarchy on some theoretical or ideological basis but won't raise a finger when a survivor in their scene decides to confront their rapist.


  5. Thanks for all the comments everybody. Glad to see more interesting conversations coming out of this than the original post...
    :) oh snizap...