Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Desperate Appeal For Funds and Several Enticing Updates

We will cut to the chase. Modesto Anarcho Crew's Prisoner Literature Project, which supplies hundreds of prisoners incarcerated in prisons throughout California, has not been able to function for the past couple months. Our generous supplier of cash has not been able to kick down the cheddar, and as such, we have not been able to send out orders. We also have a PO Box bill of $84 at the end of this month. This has been unfortunate, since a new wave of anarchist organizing and energy has gripped us, as old comrades are coming back from summer travels and our social center, Firehouse 51, continues to be used by many groups and individuals.

This is Us Groveling

We know times are tight; people don't have much. Comrades are in prison and that rent check still has to go through. We could go on forever. But, if you can send us some cash, if you enjoy what we do and what we put out, if you want to help us to continue sending massive amounts of anarchist/left communist literature into California prisons – please support us.

Better yet, throw a benefit show, an event, hold a bake sale, sell some shit, do a car wash, get together with comrades and collect all the money you'd spend on beer one night, organize a pancake jamboree – we don't care. We'd even permit you to hold a vegan bike patch making contra dance if that's what you're into. If you are down to organize an event to help us out, please do so. Email us if you plan on doing something and we'll help you promote it by making flyers and posting up on the internerd.

This is Us Promoting Commodity Exchange

The next issue of Modesto Anarcho is almost finished. We have in our possession hot off the presses color photo covers for the new issue. We are asking for donations of $5-10 dollars for an exclusive copy of the new issue with the collector cover.

But wait, for those really wanting to get on our good side, for donations of $20 or more, you will get:

-A copy of Modesto Anarcho #12, with the full color glossy cover!
-A copy of Modesto Anarcho Crew's reprint of Attack International's classic, Breaking Free: The Adventures of Tin Tin!
-A copy of each of our exclusive posters!
-A full set of our 'Stop Broke on Broke Crime' stickers!
-A full collection of Modesto Anarcho, #1-11!
-A copy of the DAAA Collective classic, The Theft of Our Youth publication!

Here We Am, Rock You Like a Hurricane

In order to further get some cash for our projects, we plan on hitting the road in late September, early October, in order to hold a series of speaking engagements and presentations. The speaking tour will focus on an intense and in-depth analysis of anarchist resistance from 2003 – 2009. This extensive presentation will include a look at the strengths and weaknesses of various groups and projects throughout this 7 year period. The presentations will feature several speakers, and will include slides, videos, and charming anecdotes. If you would like us to come to your town and tell you why we are bad asses, email us at:, or if you're cool (or happen to slave away at an anarchist space), expect an email or call soon.

We Are Upon Our Grizzly; We Fittin to Ride

We have a new website, at Check it out and update your weblinks. That geocities crap was dumb and it's all going to shit at the end of the year anyway.

After the release of Modesto Anarcho #12, if class society is still standing and we're not busy picking tomatoes in the morning and fishing in the evening, we'll be organizing an Anarchist Cafe' in late September.

We are currently helping to organize an amazing event happening in Modesto on October 11th, which will feature a wide variety of hip hop performers, including anarchist legend, Sherman Austin. Speakers will also be presenting, including Joaquin from Revolutionary Autonomous Communities (RAC), films will be shown, some food will be there, and there will be tabling. Did we mention that the event is free?

Also in October, we will be hosting a speaker involved in the anarchist movement in Venezuela, who will be presenting films and report backs from the movement there and in Chile. Don't miss it.

Firehouse Fridays continue to rock on into the night; and various groups of rebels are continuing to use Firehouse 51 as the place to organize and bust hard chills.

We Outty

If the idea of helping us out, coming to Modesto, or attending an upcoming event interests you – hit us up at:, on our site at, or on myspace at

We better get that wine out of the freezer now,


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