Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CSU, Where You At?

About a year ago, I stuck my foot into the door of 'student activism' at CSU Stanislaus, with not much of a response, other than, 'yeah fee hikes suck.' Anyway, out of that came this zine, "If you Cant Afford School, You'll Love Prison."

There is a walkout at CSU Fresno on October 21st, looks like I'll be there. Occupy everything?

There is also a wonderful interview with some UC occupiers up on indybay

One comrade wrote on indybay:

As a bus driver on the UCSC campus, I fully support this action. After watching the despicable "work" of Tom Vanni, Larry Pageler and Alisson Johnson attempt to destroy the campus transportation over the last year and a half, I am convinced that Blumencrawl is in deep with these corporate stooges. The only way to impress upon these cowards to show some integrity and grit is to show them that the majority of students and workers will have their voices heard. Bloomy's voice box, Jim Burns, will tell you it's for the survival of the UC system in an attempt to strike fear in voters minds. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, UC has billions in assets and this is the rainy day it was meant for. The kickbacks/influence peddlers have, for too long, been a parasitic influence on UCSC decisions. The city gets millions in revenue through a badly orchestrated contract with Metro where they double dip on student passenger fees and agreements between the city and the college are blatantly incestuous with UCSC keeping any stores, movie theaters, restaurants off campus in order to get the students into town to spend their money. They force freshman to be on a meal plan that is frequently unavailable. They have forced this situation through their blind ambitious greed and lies. If students hadn't occupied McHenry Library in 1984, Nelson Mandela would still be in jail or dead. We forced UC to divest from South Africa helping to bring down Botha's evil regime. Stand up and be counted. Stand with these students in solidarity. Stand up for the best public university in the world and support your friends, your peers, your courageous fellow students. You can be assured that myself and my fellow drivers here in Slugland are with you. Come on my bus and hand out flyers or just converse and get this conversation going. It is necessary.

Schools out, for...well, fall.

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  1. csu fullerton has announced they are occupying their school on monday