Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One, Two, Three, Many Modesto Anarchos?

A while ago I posted up a link to a new insurrectionary zine from Denver entitled, Til It Breaks. It seemed interesting. Really on the insurrectionary kick, really into crime, and also obviously strongly influenced by the radical queer politics of groups like Bash Back. I liked paging through the first issue, but some it really just wasn't doing it for me. A lot of the 'action' stuff struck me as things we were reporting on in Modesto Anarcho in the early days of the magazine when we were stealing all our ideas from War on Misery. People destroying stuff without any context seems kind of pointless for me in many regards - even if we 'can give it a context' and it's hella sic.

Anyway, I found that they have a blog now, as well as a new issue, which was really a lot better than the last issue. I also noticed that they lifted the whole, 'what we believe' section right from Modesto Anarcho, as well as a couple of photos and images from various issues of MA and Firestorm. Several of the articles as well (especially the one where they talk about 'broke on broke crime') show the MA influence to be pretty deep.

Since we've been getting ready for the tour, the past couple of days and weeks have brought back a flood of memories back to in regards to things that anarchists in Modesto have done over the years. It seems ages ago when we started doing stuff together (2003) and it was. It also is strange to me that MA is a big of an influence on people now as zines like Northeastern Anarchist, Green Anarchy, and then War on Misery were to me over the years.

If I had any advice to the editors of Til It Breaks, I would just state that they should perhaps think about who their audience is. Is it anarchists or other working class people? A lot of the articles seem like they could be picked up and read by anyone, but some of them seem more directed at radicals. Also, some of the stuff on sabotage and 'social war' might be a little over the top for some people, but whatever. Some of the action section stuff also I wouldn't include. At this point, I'm interested in how people are resisting collectively and in groups, negating their class role in various ways. While I think kids knocking over a vending machine to get candy is tight, I don't know if I want to give it space in a magazine and declare it a proletarian victory. PS - Now I want a Butterfinger.

Til it Breaks #2, peep it ahora.

CSU, Where You At?

About a year ago, I stuck my foot into the door of 'student activism' at CSU Stanislaus, with not much of a response, other than, 'yeah fee hikes suck.' Anyway, out of that came this zine, "If you Cant Afford School, You'll Love Prison."

There is a walkout at CSU Fresno on October 21st, looks like I'll be there. Occupy everything?

There is also a wonderful interview with some UC occupiers up on indybay

One comrade wrote on indybay:

As a bus driver on the UCSC campus, I fully support this action. After watching the despicable "work" of Tom Vanni, Larry Pageler and Alisson Johnson attempt to destroy the campus transportation over the last year and a half, I am convinced that Blumencrawl is in deep with these corporate stooges. The only way to impress upon these cowards to show some integrity and grit is to show them that the majority of students and workers will have their voices heard. Bloomy's voice box, Jim Burns, will tell you it's for the survival of the UC system in an attempt to strike fear in voters minds. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, UC has billions in assets and this is the rainy day it was meant for. The kickbacks/influence peddlers have, for too long, been a parasitic influence on UCSC decisions. The city gets millions in revenue through a badly orchestrated contract with Metro where they double dip on student passenger fees and agreements between the city and the college are blatantly incestuous with UCSC keeping any stores, movie theaters, restaurants off campus in order to get the students into town to spend their money. They force freshman to be on a meal plan that is frequently unavailable. They have forced this situation through their blind ambitious greed and lies. If students hadn't occupied McHenry Library in 1984, Nelson Mandela would still be in jail or dead. We forced UC to divest from South Africa helping to bring down Botha's evil regime. Stand up and be counted. Stand with these students in solidarity. Stand up for the best public university in the world and support your friends, your peers, your courageous fellow students. You can be assured that myself and my fellow drivers here in Slugland are with you. Come on my bus and hand out flyers or just converse and get this conversation going. It is necessary.

Schools out, for...well, fall.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

"...in the land where the panthers grew..."

Where you at yay area?

MAC will be rolling through on our tour starting October 2nd in Oakland, October 3rd in Berkeley, and October 4th in SF. We will be speaking about 7 straight years of anarchist organizing and resistance in the Modesto area. If you can make it out, please do so.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Pictures from the Global Human Strike

Liam was right?

Do I feel fucking old today. All I did for the rev was get my presentation for the MAC speaking tour ready to go, while people across the state of California were occupying shit, on strike, and going buck wild. Meanwhile in Pittsburgh, people got down in the streets. Not getting close to the convention, but instead going off and rioting. Those who broke away were only about 200 or so according to most reports, but managed to escape massive arrests and cause damage to a lot of targets like banks and corporate stores.

Surely riots against capitalism during a time of economic crisis is a least not a bad thing right? I'm still not sold on this whole summit as social war model, but fuck it, I wish I was out there with ya mang.

As for the state wide UC strike thing, there seems to be several encouraging developments. UC Santa Cruz has an occupied building as does UC Berkeley. There are several unions on strike, and students are organizing walkouts. An interesting time to be a student or staff member. How long till the social factory goes boom? Tic tic tic tic...

For all my friends, across CA and in Pittsburgh. Hope you're not in jail. Hope all your friends are safe. Hope you did some shit you were proud of today. I wish I was there with you. But I can't. When I go to work tomorrow, hopefully you'll be bringing the world of work one step closer to the end. Bring me back a t-shirt.

Here's one comrades take on the day's events
. Here's the great statement being distributed by UC occupiers; linking the budget cuts to the global class war.

the vague questions, the politics, the feuds great and petty disappeared as in the realm of tactics, friends, estranged acquaintances and perfect strangers together encountered the concrete possibilities: how to move this dumpster? where do we find more big rocks? how to best attach this section of fence to the building? trash vessels, quarry debris and other useless materials found new purposes in the architecture of barricades. the fatigue in my muscles was no longer important; it was go time. i had no idea when i put my t-shirt on in the morning that i would be wearing it over my face later in the day. thanks for that, comrades.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I smell white people.

So, quite soon, I'll be stuck in a car with some close comrades, being funded by some sugar daddy money (everybody get's there's right), and headed out to the Seattle Anarchist Bookfair. I'll be honest, all of the workshops look pretty lame. Actually, the Anarchists Against the Wall one seems interesting, but the others don't see to be that interesting to me. There seems to be a couple on accountability within anarchism. Anarchism being filled with sketchy anarchist men has been something that's been on my mind for a while. Why does our movement seem to attract a load of dudes who just want to prey on women? Why do these people stay in anarchism? Apparently the whole revolutionary thing isn't working for a lot of these people, but they don't have anywhere else to go...So sad. Sucks you have a felony and your parents have already cut you off from going to Stanford, but enjoy living the rest of your life canvassing for Greenpeace while knowing that you're a complete piece of shit. (That was directed at a fictional person, but if you WERE offended hella siiiiccc...) I ask women if they believe in accountability processes and they just kind of shrug. Fuck, I don't know what the solution is, and if I give anything that's in a kind of "Just beat the shit out of them" vein I risk looking like a total manarchist and I really don't have any ideas past that. Hmm...maybe I will go to these workshops and see if they have any good ideas. Just the thought of having to sit through a bunch of activisty stuff sounds about as interesting as watching grass grow. Or about as fun as hanging out in scenes filled with dipshits and sexual fuckups.

Also, if you're lucky enough to have nice parents, or insane enough to rack up a lifetime of dept, or smart enough to get a scholarship, at all the UC schools there is going to be massive walkouts on Thursday of this week. This social strike appears to have big possibilities, as staff, professors, and students are all walking out on strike. Good luck all you future social managers. Abolish yourselves before we do.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Modesto: New Magazine, Video, Tour, Events, and Shenanigans

MAC has busted out of our lab and we've got a couple of monsters to unleash upon the world. We're writing this in order to update all our friends and comrades about the new issue of Modesto Anarcho, let people know about some recent interventions, entice you to come out to our speaking tour, and fenagale our way into getting your ass to come out to some upcoming events.

Modesto Anarcho #12

We're done. Stick a fork in this one. The best issue is now finished. Includes original articles, direct action reports, repression news, prisoner letters, and much more. Download the PDF at: http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2009/09/20/18622596.php.


MAC Speaking Tour

We're hitting the bricks on this won. We're speaking in Fresno (Cafe Infoshop), Berkeley (Long Haul Infoshop), and SF (Station 40), from October 2nd – 4th. For further wetting of appetites, we've produced this snazzy little flyer.


Upcoming Events

We won't mince words – here's what we got going on.

Friday, October 9th, 7pm. Firehouse 51, Downtown Modesto. Roldolfo from the Venezuelan publication, El Libertario is stopping by to discuss what's happening in Venezuela and show films from Chile.

Saturday, October 10th, 7pm. 10th and J Street, Downtown Modesto. We're having an Anarchist Cafe. Located outside, in soon to be charming ruins, we'll be having free food, literature tables, local speakers, and a collection of local MCs from the Modesto area out spit on the mike and occupy space.


Sunday, October 11th, 1pm – 8pm. 1739, Crows Landing Road, Deep South Side Modesto. The 'Keep Your Head Up Festival,' shall feature performances from anarchist MC Sherman Austin, local hip hop acts, and major labor artist, JT the Bigga Figga. Joaquin from Revolutionary Autonomous Communities (RAC), will also be a main speaker. There will also be movie screenings, food, and literature tables from a variety of groups.


We realize that the above collection of events for the weekend look pretty bad ass. We know, we organized them. If you're interested in coming out, hit us up at: anarcho209{at]yahoo[dot]com.

Proletarian Hooliganism

So, some shit went down at the PRIDE Festival in Modesto. We made a video. There's a report back. In the Mo, fo sho.

When We Ride On Our Enemies

We are hanging out together. Talking. Reading. Eating. Watching a movie. The door slams open. “Hey, I just drove by the PRIDE festival and there's a bunch of anti-gay Christian protesters out there with signs.” “Let's ride,” one of us replies. We do. We're off. Into a couple separate cars we drive to the festival. We get there and look around. The stage is being taken down. People are trickling out. Christian fascists stand around with signs screaming about sin and proclaiming that we are going to hell; reinforcing capitalist modes of sexual reproduction and patriarchal society. People stand around, just looking. Some of us yell at them. Security tells us to be quiet. One of them approaches and tells us in a hushed voice, “Just ignore them and they'll get the message.” One of us looks at them and replies, “That's what Hitler said. The only way he said that his enemies could have stopped him is if they would have fought them in the streets. Which is what we aren't doing right now.” The security guard looks down at the ground.

We are in the car again, driving. We arrive at our house. Our hands reach out for a blank banner, some spray paint, and video camera equipment. A text message is sent out to friends that reads, “Christians fascists at the park. Throw down. Tell friends.” Quickly a message upon the banner is written that reads: “Reclaim Pride - Bash Back!” We arrive again at the park. We approach our enemies and start chanting for them to get out. A buzz is spreading throughout the crowd. People shake hands, meet old friends, and rush in from elsewhere. The police look worried; more people are coming to meet the zealots head on.

“Why did they shut down PRIDE? Where's the party at? Get out of the park! Who's Park? Our Park!” The chants change, but the message remains the same: leave now, or we'll confront you. The police inform us that we are on the verge of starting a riot and to not confront the protesters. Others tell us we're as bad as the fascists. We smile and laugh. We've heard this before. No. Actually, we're worse, because we are prepared to stand and fight. The crowd continues to grow. The protesters look at each other nervously as they attempt to preach to us despite the fact that we're yelling so loud no one can hear what they're saying at all. The police stand around the zealots and protect them and the social peace that hides the everyday social war. The protesters look at each other. They pack up. They leave. We've won.

People smile and slap each other on the back. We've had a victory. We later learn from talking to friends who had already been at PRIDE that when the protesters first showed up, the event organizers responded by shutting the event down. We also heard rumors that before we arrived, people threw bottles and confronted those attacking them...But thanks to the organizers of the event, so much for PRIDE. “This is where you're liberal leaders lead you,” declares one rebel, as some of us make our rounds of the park after the fascists have left. Over 50 people participated in the confrontation. For these people, for a few moments they felt what it is like to come together as a group and push back not only against the police and our oppressors, but also experience something so much more than just listening to boring speakers and staring at the booths of non-profits and food vendors. They felt what it was like to win. To push back against what class society forces against us.

This is what it means to intervene. To stand up for ourselves. At work. In the streets. In our neighborhoods. Everywhere. To all the haters who are tripping off of everyday people bringing da ruckus – you're the ones that are just as bad. We see you, hi hater. We have begun, where you at? This is Modesto muthafucka. 209. Holla.

-Some of those accused of inciting a riot.

arf arf arf

I haven't updated this in a while because I've been busy. Some things that are coming:

1.) Reports and videos from Modesto shenanagins.
2.) Information about upcoming events in Modesto that should interest you.
3.) Final info for the MAC speaking tour in the bay area.
4.) Links to MA #12.

yeah yeah yeah

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Til It Breaks

New insurrectionary zine from Denver.

Til It Breaks.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fuck You Kayne

Another cool hip hop video. Totally ruined by homophobic and sexist garbage. Next time you appropriate the black bloc, try taking some of the politics as well.

Still worth while taking a look at. Rioting is now sexy.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sneak Peak at Modesto Anarcho #12

Here are some pages from Modesto Anarcho #12, which should be finished in a few days. Hope this gets you excited. MAC will be tabling at the Power to the Peaceful Festival. The RCP will be there - so bring out the crew. If you're an anarchist/left communist/insurrectionary/indigenous/proletarian project, distro, magazine, and you want to kick it and hang with us at the festival, come by our table and set up shop. We'll be there from 10 am - 5pm. Let us weather the storm of green capitalism and bad hygiene together. Also, the dates for the speaking tour that MAC is setting up is almost finished. We'll be speaking in Santa Cruz October 2nd, Berkeley Oct 3rd, and SF and Oct 4th. More info to come.






Sunday, September 6, 2009

stay strapped

The idea of proletarian unity is exciting - but there are major hurdles. On my street there are white kids who chase people while screaming "nigger!" at the top of their lungs. Someone close by us we are pretty sure is selling drugs. There's a lot of traffic that goes back and forth because so many homeless people sleep by the river. We've found one jar with a crack pipe and a needle in front of our house. Then there was the time that the door to our house (and my room) was open and we're pretty sure someone was trying to break in.

It's nice to talk about communities without the police, but in reality the gangs and the dealers and fuck ups are often more scary and more down to just blow your ass away. What do you do when someone who is slanging is beating his girlfriend so loud you can't sleep and you can't really do anything about it? You certainly can't have a community meeting or a general assembly. Makes me not want to be without protection and without a sense of not being able to defend myself.

What's stupid as well is that in California you got to go before the Sheriff or Police Chief if you want a Concealed Weapons permit. You got to give copies of police reports to show that you need one, etc...Pigs hold all the cards.

"if you're poor, you better stay strapped..."

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Desperate Appeal For Funds and Several Enticing Updates

We will cut to the chase. Modesto Anarcho Crew's Prisoner Literature Project, which supplies hundreds of prisoners incarcerated in prisons throughout California, has not been able to function for the past couple months. Our generous supplier of cash has not been able to kick down the cheddar, and as such, we have not been able to send out orders. We also have a PO Box bill of $84 at the end of this month. This has been unfortunate, since a new wave of anarchist organizing and energy has gripped us, as old comrades are coming back from summer travels and our social center, Firehouse 51, continues to be used by many groups and individuals.

This is Us Groveling

We know times are tight; people don't have much. Comrades are in prison and that rent check still has to go through. We could go on forever. But, if you can send us some cash, if you enjoy what we do and what we put out, if you want to help us to continue sending massive amounts of anarchist/left communist literature into California prisons – please support us.

Better yet, throw a benefit show, an event, hold a bake sale, sell some shit, do a car wash, get together with comrades and collect all the money you'd spend on beer one night, organize a pancake jamboree – we don't care. We'd even permit you to hold a vegan bike patch making contra dance if that's what you're into. If you are down to organize an event to help us out, please do so. Email us if you plan on doing something and we'll help you promote it by making flyers and posting up on the internerd.

This is Us Promoting Commodity Exchange

The next issue of Modesto Anarcho is almost finished. We have in our possession hot off the presses color photo covers for the new issue. We are asking for donations of $5-10 dollars for an exclusive copy of the new issue with the collector cover.

But wait, for those really wanting to get on our good side, for donations of $20 or more, you will get:

-A copy of Modesto Anarcho #12, with the full color glossy cover!
-A copy of Modesto Anarcho Crew's reprint of Attack International's classic, Breaking Free: The Adventures of Tin Tin!
-A copy of each of our exclusive posters!
-A full set of our 'Stop Broke on Broke Crime' stickers!
-A full collection of Modesto Anarcho, #1-11!
-A copy of the DAAA Collective classic, The Theft of Our Youth publication!

Here We Am, Rock You Like a Hurricane

In order to further get some cash for our projects, we plan on hitting the road in late September, early October, in order to hold a series of speaking engagements and presentations. The speaking tour will focus on an intense and in-depth analysis of anarchist resistance from 2003 – 2009. This extensive presentation will include a look at the strengths and weaknesses of various groups and projects throughout this 7 year period. The presentations will feature several speakers, and will include slides, videos, and charming anecdotes. If you would like us to come to your town and tell you why we are bad asses, email us at: anarcho209@yahoo.com, or if you're cool (or happen to slave away at an anarchist space), expect an email or call soon.

We Are Upon Our Grizzly; We Fittin to Ride

We have a new website, at www.modestoanarcho.org. Check it out and update your weblinks. That geocities crap was dumb and it's all going to shit at the end of the year anyway.

After the release of Modesto Anarcho #12, if class society is still standing and we're not busy picking tomatoes in the morning and fishing in the evening, we'll be organizing an Anarchist Cafe' in late September.

We are currently helping to organize an amazing event happening in Modesto on October 11th, which will feature a wide variety of hip hop performers, including anarchist legend, Sherman Austin. Speakers will also be presenting, including Joaquin from Revolutionary Autonomous Communities (RAC), films will be shown, some food will be there, and there will be tabling. Did we mention that the event is free?

Also in October, we will be hosting a speaker involved in the anarchist movement in Venezuela, who will be presenting films and report backs from the movement there and in Chile. Don't miss it.

Firehouse Fridays continue to rock on into the night; and various groups of rebels are continuing to use Firehouse 51 as the place to organize and bust hard chills.

We Outty

If the idea of helping us out, coming to Modesto, or attending an upcoming event interests you – hit us up at: anarcho209@yahoo.com, on our site at www.modestoanarcho.org, or on myspace at www.myspace.com/modanarcho.

We better get that wine out of the freezer now,


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Phoenix Class War Council Does it Again

What happens when people get their drinks on, bust hard chills, and get together to critically think about destroying Capital and white supremacy? You get 'Beer and Revolution' nights in Tempe, put on by the Phoenix Class War Council.

You also get this great talk by Joel Olson about Fanaticism. Worth a look for all US insurrectionaries.

"Some anarchists don't have to drink at their meetings, but WE DO. So fuck them, and fuck you too." Not really, but kinda, in a passing, tender way.