Saturday, August 29, 2009

Who Will Help Me Plant the Revolution...?

I love my friends to death, but I am so sick of being the person that cleans up their messes, literally. When I asked people to go home tonight they didn't even bring the chairs in from outside. I used to do this thing at Food Not Bombs, where if no one was helping cook I'd go sit in a room and wait until someone would come in to help, but then 4:30 came around and I realized that if I didn't get back into the kitchen, nothing would get done. At this point in my life, I'd just rather do it myself sometimes. That's why I don't do half the shit people want me to do; I don't want to be stuck in that role or be that asshole that has to tell you to do something.

It pisses me off when people say it's all about fun. It's not. Revolution is a lot of hard work and a lot of boring shit. Sure it's fun sometimes, but try editing a publication, going and talking to new people, or taking risks with a new project. It's a lot of work.

Also, Steve-o has a great new blog, the RAAN site is back up, and if you vote for the tour title in the poll that I hope you do and get the joke, you're one sic fuck.


  1. I hope you're glad you made me feel like shit.

  2. The goal isn't to make you feel bad. Making you feel bad won't change the situation. I'd rather people just take responsibility for themselves.

  3. PS - Brennus, you are disgusting.

  4. I hear ya on this for sure. My friends and I talk about struggling for a world without work and I think that's legit. Unfortunately, it sometimes feels like my friends don't want to put in any effort to get shit done (talking to new people about their ideas is something that they seem to find particularly difficult) or that they don't want to be held responsible for basic shit (like cleaning up after themselves). I agree that revolution takes a lot of effort and requires us to put ourselves out there in ways that make us uncomfortable. It makes sense 'cause its not like we've be socialized with the skills we need to bring the rev but fuck sometimes I think people need to suck it up.

  5. you are truly the lil red hen.
    mufuckas better reckanize.