Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vengeance Update

In the next day or so, I will be posting up the final draft of Vengeance with lots of corrections and some minor changes to design and some of the essays. Thanks to everyone that found a problem and let me know about it.

The next Vengeance (V4) as far as I can see, will not have submissions and will be a personal publication and will be much less 'political.' I also think that it will be a standard zine size, folded down the middle. This will come out hopefully around Halloween. This isn't because I don't want submissions from people, it's just that I feel like I want to do something personal again. I don't know what the future for Vengeance will be, but I'd like the next issue with submissions to come out sometime around the end of the year. People that are into seemed to be into it. Perhaps we should have some sort of convergence or gathering point? I think some of us should try and meet and discuss where we want to take this thing. I think there is now a big task before us to articulate through action what we mean and what we want to see.

People keep asking me to elaborate on certain ideas or theories but I feel like perhaps further elaboration would be silly if there's not an attempt to carry these ideas into the real world. I think in the coming rest of the year I'm going to try and do that and hopefully my writings in the future will reflect this. I also need to concentrate on Modesto Anarcho stuff in the future without distractions as well as get my living situation in order and concentrate on working as much as possible.

I will most likely be at the Seattle bookfair if people want to meet there and discuss things.

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  1. what's up compa,

    it was good to see you in LA as well.

    I might be going up on Oct. 11th for a CWLA training in Modesto.

    Hope to see you there.

    Keep in touch

    Thanks for the support, and Dope Blog