Saturday, August 8, 2009


Click on this and the PDF will come up. I spent a lot of time on this issue. Hope you all enjoy it.


Dedicated to my father who just got a strike card in the mail the other day and Lil Wayne for making yet another bank robbery video for "Got Money," which I listened to about 50 times while working on this.


  1. first comment! well, of course, it's lovely. the best one yet i would say. i have to admit i don't really do too well reading long things off screens but i'll take a look when these show up at SR. sorry the following comments will be rather off the top of my head.

    i have to say i am really interested in a lot of the concepts being developed here (class as commune, proletarian culture etc) but i want them to be developed further and if possible, to deal with bigger tougher questions. it feels like some of it is padded out with retreads of previous material - ie, diagnosis of the petit bourgeois activist infection of anarchism, for instance, if this subject is to be revisited, couldn't we use more thoughts on WHY this is so not simply what or how.

    or: crews/communes/affinity groups/small gangs of comrades seeking to deepen relations and means of subsistence while making attack on existing structures. okay, cool. but then what? how, when and why does this SPREAD? is self-replication the goal? what is this "strategic attack" cody is talking about? what about the concept of a "revolutionary agent" - if anarcho punk wasnt it, are we sure that anarcho prole crews will be?

    perhaps these questions in turn could be considered in light of the very marxist problematic that has been on my mind a lot lately. what if the sources of revolting activity, of the coming irreversible insurrection itself, are more to be found in massive, blind, mute, even seemingly idiotic forces - the metastatizaton of capital and technology; the limits of bodies to be transformed into docility - than any project of spreading "class consciousness" or even self replicating attack commune mafia things. this would indiciate a very different role for "pro revolutionaries". i feel like i'm still seeing traces of the 'missionary position'. or is this a misreading of the goals and framing of the whole project? we can only reach what's in front of us; but must we look at ONLY at what's in front of us?

    ya know? am i rambling? anyway, i'm hoping to just provoke some elaborations on all these interesting pieces.

    also the pictures in this one are the best. i have to ask what the ones on pp 8 and 16 came from? the latter made me hope to see some screen shot of eminem's "anarchist" video in the next one. HA, HA.

    the captcha this time is "shacited". i have been SHA-CITED about this zine since you posted the cover. all we wanna do is BANG BANG BANG BANG and KA-CHING and have our vengeance...

  2. ...FUCK OUR BANJOS? how dare you sir.

  3. Page 8 is from "Be Kind Rewind," the other picture is just from doing google searches. Don't know where it's from.