Monday, August 17, 2009

Upcoming Projects and Why I Need Your Help!

Looks like I've got a fair amount of projects on my plate and I'd like to invite you to help me out and participate if possible.

From October 17th - 18th I'll be tabling with comrades from Fire to the Prisons, an excellent US based insurrectionary magazine at the Seattle Anarchist Bookfair. I've never been to the North West, so if you are down to hang out please come by the table and hit me up.

I just got the text from a good comrade from the last three issues of Emotional Poverty, published by the Red and Anarchist Action Network (RAAN). If you haven't read Emotional Poverty but you like Vengeance, I suggest picking up a copy if you can. A lot of stuff that insurrectionaries are saying about the false tension between attack and community organizing, as well as crews, was being articulated by comrade Nachie years ago. Anyway, I'm planning on putting out like a 'Nachie-reader,' of sorts and putting in a new introduction.

Lastly, and I'm excited about this one. A comrade from the IEF and I are trying to put together a speaking tour sometime for the late fall or winter of 2009. If you are on the West Coast and would like to participate by hosting an event at a University, infoshop, or other meeting space, please contact me ( "Holla if you need it like we do."


  1. i assume that youll contact me about the sc date, but im just putting it out there anyway... im down. keep me posted. sr is obviously at your dispoal, if you were interested in doing something at the uc i could work on that too.


  2. UC would be the best. We're trying to cover expenses and more (feel me son?) by hitting up the colleges.

    I'll be talking to you soon...

    PS - You were right in assuming.

  3. Most of the RAAN referencs in that wiki aren't backed up anymore. It would be nice if someone that has them somewhere could upload them to the internet because I can't find most of the original RAAN texts online.

  4. what's up compa,

    it was good to see you in LA as well.

    I might be going up on Oct. 11th for a CWLA training in Modesto.

    Hope to see you there.

    Keep in touch

    Thanks for the support, and Dope Blog

  5. i'd love to see a nachie reader. i had some of the old RAAN zines around but haven't seen them in years.