Friday, August 7, 2009

Does Anyone Have?...

A link to "Queer Visibility in Commodity Culture" by Rosemary Henessey? Or have read it that can give me a thumbs up or down? Let me know.

The factory occupation in Korea has ended. Hats off to those comrades.

Lastly, there's a new essay out by 'Advance the Struggle' that I read today about the Oscar Grant revolt in Oakland earlier this year. It would be nice to hear their take on the text, "Unfinished Acts," by some comrades in the Bay Area. As Oakland heats up again from more killings and brutality, the iron is still fucking hot.

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  1. Hello, thanks for linking the blog. Speaking from my individual perspective, the differences with "Unfinished Acts" (UA) is in the analysis of what happened. UA is in many ways a journalistic account (reporting) of what happened during the January rebellions. While the authors do critique the actions of CAPE members on a tactical basis (policing of the movement, etc) they don't draw out the connection with the Non profit industrial complex as a whole, its relation to the state, and examine these as the reasons for the actions of CAPE activists on those hot nights in January. Instead, the actions are almost explained as "bad decisions" on the part of individuals on a tactical level, as opposed to the connection between those decisions and the strategic outlooks and practice of NGOs thrust into political confrontation with the state.

    Also, Unifinshed Acts doesn't critique the radical pole represented by the RCP, and examine the way in which it represents the failure of the radical left to have political roots in communities capable of outflanking NGOs when the heat rises in oppressed communities.

    Just some thoughts, and please write us to discuss more =D