Friday, August 14, 2009

Class Society is Kicking Our Ass Right Now

FUCK! So Brennus got fired, I have like $250 left in my account and need at least $300 by the end of the month, Steve-o is dealing with court shit after getting attacked by a nazi, Asesino is dealing with his own court battle. MAC is fucking losing the class war right now my friends.

But, we are about to bust back. As we speak, we're about to hit the road in another ruckus filled trip to the yay area "the land where the panthers grew" to participate in the Anarchist Olympics. If you're in town, hit us the fuck up and come out to our shindig on Saturday and fucking buy something from us cause we need the money. Get your water buckets ready cause you know that the RCP is slinky around out there.

With things so fucked up, this blog gives me hope. As well as this person's music from Detroit.

M! A! C! What you know.

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