Friday, July 17, 2009

What is to be Drunk?

So, I'm sitting in the firehouse tonight, and I wanted to run a couple of things I've been working on and thinking about off hand with some of my dear readers in the hopes of getting some feedback - although you all punked out a couple of posts back about me getting shit talked and didn't make any comments, so what the fuck.

1.) Tonight in Modesto was the first "hip hop in the park" night, with folks from Modesto Anarcho Crew and the Revolutionary Hip Hop Report participating. Due to fucking complications from the power not being on where we wanted it, we plugged into another spot in the park. Anyway, shit was tight,, some local MC got up and spit and people from RHHR played some phat beats. My only concern besides all the stupid sexist and anti-gay shit that some of the people were saying was the fact that not as many came over and check it out as I would have liked. Does anyone think that a weekly or bi-weekly hip hop get together in the park is something tight that they would like to see? We tabled and that went well, but...I think I just want to see this continue cus I like hip hop so much. Any wayz....

2.) Me and some friends have been playing around with this idea of the 'homie hookup,' and although some of my friends tell me that no one says homie anymore, basically the idea is an 'alternative' to food not bombs, where basically all your friends get together to bring surplus stuff that they either dumpstered, got from work, or have around that they want to give out to other friends. With so many anarchists/ and or anarcho-types living in modesto's downtown now, we should get together bust mad chills and give out food to each other.

3.) I was wondering how far we can go with this 'broke on broke' crime shit. Tonight we tabled and we got rid off over like 300 stickers, and I think this could take off in a cool way. Any ideas.

Anyway, I'm out to get taco bell and finish another blog post that I'll read tomorrow and regret and make spelling corrections to and tell myself not drink anymore.

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  1. hey crudo.

    we're doing something like the homie hookup over here. or a few things actually.

    it might coalesce into one big thing though.

    my old collective house is starting to do barter nights. it ain't totally mutual aid, but it is close, though it will be so informal that it will probably end up being like that, the house just has barter in their name (inspired by mad max beyond thunderdome)

    also this is the general idea that we are doing for our food not bombs here. we're going to make fliers that say plain community picnic but also fliers for those folks out there that will only come out if it seems like some cool subcultural event (there will be various types of these fliers, some hip hop style, some diy punky style, some fancy and silk screened)