Monday, July 13, 2009

HIp Hop

The narrative that is found in hip hop is something that I think all proletarians can appreciate and find resonance with, even if the image of the street hustler or an up and coming gangsta is far from your present reality. The idea that one can only beat the material conditions that are imposed upon our lives by taking risks, breaking the law, through the action of close and trusted friends (thus making the police, feds, and snitches #1 enemies), and not hesitating to use violence to achieve such ends, is a fine narrative indeed. Sure the substance is problematic: black market capitalism, prole on prole violence, the rampant sexism in most hip hop - but there's still so much there that is worthwhile. It's problematic to smooth over the rough edges, kind of like when I skip the first verse of DMX's "Where the Hood At?," ..."got no love for homo thugs...," but still in my opinion hip hop is the most class conscious form of music, because there is a constant reminder of the rappers relationship to the commodity; their position in class society.

I was planning to write up a huge review of all the hip hop albums I was listening to, and putting forward my idea that overtly political hip hop is pretty bad and general just like thug shit hip hop is way better, but then I got drunk and fuck it.

Stuff to download: Young Jeezy (The Recession), Maino (If Tomorrow Comes), Thug Life (Thug Life aka 2pac and The Outlawz), Slim Thug (Mix Tape), K'Naan (Troubador).

Don't waster your time on: Dead Prez (Mix Tape #3). Seriously.

Hip hop adds to my self-valorization, which is always a plus.


  1. vancity representerJuly 15, 2009 at 1:12 PM

    Listen to "My Crew" by Saigon and Statik Selektah. You might like that one and their whole album.

  2. Hiphop is a liberal circus. Immortal Technique is always cited as a "revolutionary", but the dude is a social democrat. Dead Prez are left wing nationalists. KRS-One is a subcultural preacher. Etc, etc.

    Sorry if I'm comin' off with bad vibes, but I used to be entrenched in hiphop subculture. Haha...I was gonna be the next Cope2 (and the next Grandwizard Theodore). Now I look at it and just shake my head- but really that's just for subculture in general. It's still my favorite form of music though. And I always appreciate a good burner or tag. I've been stuck on "100% Dundee" by The Roots for the past couple of days.

    Thug shit is meh, though. I'm more for the jazzy stuff. The Roots, Gang Starr, etc. The new Mos Def album is good. Lol...and yeah, most political hiphop is lame. No one can do it like PE. Mr. Lif is good, but he's all up on the liberal shit. Still a good emcee though (Boston's holdin it down better than most, now that I think of it). Can't let politics get in the way of good tunes. Come to think of it, Lif's got a solid anti-work anthem called "Live From the Plantation". Maybe he's not so liberal after all.


  3. I'll have to check out Lif. I haven't been feeling PE in a while. Dead Prez just didn't seem to really grow after the RBG album, which I thought was there best.

    I guess I'm more into the bangers and the angry shit than the jazzy stuff.


  4. vancity representerJuly 18, 2009 at 1:36 PM

    There's also jazzy angry bangers, maybe not so much from the roots, but for sure from Gang Starr and DITC and J Dilla, etc, New York and Detroit hardcore hip hop.

    KRS-One is a teacher not a preacher. He's hit and miss but when he hits, he's the greatest emcee of all time, in my opinion.

    I don't like most Dead Prez or Immortal Technique or "political" or "conscious" hip hop.