Friday, July 10, 2009

Feel Better About Eating Meat

Harvest of Dead Elephants: On the False Opposition of Animal Liberation, from A Murder of Crows #2.


  1. An excellent article/zine that will open a lot of campaign-based animal "rights" activists' and militant vegan's eyes to the totality of exploitation and the futility of their calls for the "end of suffering".

    It is not advocating nihilism in relation to animal liberation, but rather providing an extension of a valid critique of activism and moralism in general.

    I do still think the ALF is fucking rad, though =)

    - a five year vegan/two year freegan.

  2. person in vancouverJuly 10, 2009 at 11:55 AM

    I don't need this to feel good about eating meat. I feel good about it already. I need this to make vegans feel worse. That makes me feel even better than good. Fuck official "Liberation Fronts". I want class war, not "Liberation Fronts" (trademark & copywrite). I want class war, not veganism.

  3. Someone after my own heart.


  4. What's wrong with nihilism? I'm a nihilist(-communist/anarchist). Screw the ALF. Nihilism is rad.


    Good zine though. Definitely quotable. Shit, I'll probably upload it into the Anarchist Library!

  5. What's wrong with the ALF? Just interested your critique of 'them.' I think it's cool to a certain extent.


  6. You want my critique? I don't think I could really say anything that the zine didn't say already. They're a straight up specialist - activist - network; moralistic to the nth degree; their 'non-violence' is understandable in the context of legal risk, but it mostly just follows lame 'civil disobedience' ethics, and enforces those values among would-be ALFers. I think if you're going to light fires and smash windows, you should do it for the sake of lighting fires and smashing windows (this to say, for the sake of yourself). I don't really differentiate between the ALF/ELF and the countless other single issue campaigners our there.

    Commodity relations dominate human sociality. Eden isn't burning -- it's burnt. So what the ALF is doing isn't going to accomplish much of anything.

    The ALF aren't going to end animal suffering, and their attempts to shut down one capitalist enterprise are futile. It reminds of the whale conservationists down in the antarctic seas, battling japanese whale hunters. Like the 'Sea Sheperd Conservation Society'. Lol...they have their own friggin show on the Discovery Channel. Good entertainment actually.