Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vengeance Updates for May

This has been a busy fucking month for me. You better believe it. As the pressures of work, work, and one college class take their toll, as well as the constant hum of activity which is the 209 anarchist community, I am pretty fucking tired. I want to go into summer hibernation or something and just relax for a bit. But, in the past couple days I've felt a surge of energy for a couple new projects that I want to let people know about so they can hopefully get stuck into as well.

So firstly, Modesto Anarcho #11 is going to drop like any day now. The zine is actually finished, we just have to get that shit up online. Also, my speaking dates have gone pretty well so far. The Alexander Berrkman Social Club went off without a hitch, and despite the fact that they provided me beer while I was talking I still think I rocked that shit. My workshop with someone involved with Antioch Arrow Crew in Santa Cruz went well. Modesto Anarcho Crew provided a banner for the space which read "We've Come For Your Trust Funds," however, we have yet to receive payment. Show MAC not REI some love, kids. Fuck.

So what have I got cooking? Well, the first off is some new poetry stuff that I've been working on. I put out one called 'Heartless' a while ago, but it was never posted up online or anything, just given to a few friends. I have some new ideas in my head that I want to get down, and if I like them I'll try and get that thing out into the world. I want to go more towards flows and rhymes with some new stuff, almost more like songs. But anyway, we'll see.

Next thing is I'm actually going to make some t-shirts. If people are into them, they can get them, and I'll make more. I mostly just want one for myself. These aren't going to say vengeance on them or any of that dumb crap, but they will be true to my form and be tight.

Lastily, I'm going to start working on Vengeance #3 soon. If you haven't sent me anything and if you still want to, now is the time. Hit me the fuck up.


  1. Have you ever read "Educating Who About What?" and "The Enemy is Middle Class" by the "Openly Classist" Class War splinter group? You probably have but if not you should.

    PS. The trust fund banner is dope.

  2. I actually just picked up "The Enemy is Middle Class" in Santa Cruz.

    Thanks for the heads up.