Sunday, April 5, 2009

We've Come For Your Trust Funds: Calls for Submissions for Vengeance #3

“...Teeth marks on my back from the K-9. Dark memories from when there was no sunshine...”

A class conflict is coming – within what is often referred to as the 'anarchist movement.' Fuck that, it isn't coming, it's already here. The weight of the middle class and petite-bourgeois is dead to us. Despite the push of anarchism to remove us from it's ranks and like the wider culture – silence our voices from within it, we have managed to find ourselves across the country. Whether through the internet, at gatherings and conferences, and more importantly on the streets, workplaces, and communities where we live – we have come to learn one important one thing: being working class and a revolutionary anarchist is not a contradiction. Perhaps we found ourselves when we caught each other rolling our eyes during yet another idiotic meeting or found ourselves drinking ourselves into a stupor at the thought of having to spend another minute around such a collection of social rejects. We didn't join up to fix bikes and talk about vegan cooking. We're tired of being the weird ones for not looking like Huck Finn or not giving a fuck about the latest contra dance. Our violence against this system is a reflection of the violence that we have experienced based on our relationship to the commodity based form. Capital has imposed itself upon us our entire lives – often through its specialists from within the middle class. When we entered the revolutionary movement, we found it to be filled with them as well. We are tired of running and being quiet. We are tired of doing the work and putting in the hours and not having our voices and experiences represented. The de-facto image of the anarchist as a guilt ridden middle class white male does not interest us because it is not our reality. We will impose upon this pathetic excuse for a movement what we want. We desire to appropriate the resources from the middle class elements and make them our own. We desire to create an insurrectionary street based movement from within the working class. If this interests you – please take a part in Vengeance.

Vengeance as a personal project has served it's purpose. I have no desire at this point to continue to create a zine about making stencils of people, writing bad poems, or more importantly, complaining about Food Not Bombs type projects. I think I have articulated my views on why one should “make the total destroy on middle class anarchism” probably as much as possible. The feedback and positive response to the magazine has lead me to wish to open up Vengeance to others that may be interested in articulating themselves in a similar way. Some points of affinity for the publication are:

1.) A commitment to an insurrectionary politic; be it anarchist, indigenous, communist, or autonomist. By insurrectionary, we mean action which seeks to maximize the power of the class through confrontational activity and refusal that seeks to maximize our worlds through becoming a social force that cannot be reasoned with by capital. We are the boa constrictor. We attack and we move forward. We then stand our ground, keeping the space we have seized. We attack again. We are interested in horizontal, affinity/crew based forms of organization that are centered around the streets (which includes our workplaces and communities) as the starting point for our activity.

2.) A commitment to working class voices within the revolutionary movement. Whether you identify as a poor person, working class, proletarian, wage slave, or whatever – we want to find you and what you have to say.

3.) A rejection of activism – or the specialization of social change as a vehicle for social revolution. Instead we desire class conflict and street based action. We believe in the power of refusal. Of confrontation with enemies. In collective action. In the glory of proletarian violence for the sake of attack against misery and creating space and power for ourselves.

If you are interested in submitting articles, analysis, or reviews to the next issue of Vengeance, please email me by May 1st to let me know what your interest is. Send emails to:

Or, hit me up on my blog at:

I just got my 30 days,

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  1. I read your article on Anarchist News.Org and was compelled to comment. This is a very poignant piece and so true. As a 60 year old I have become fed up will all the corporate media crap, governmental dictates and the basic velleity of the American populace.