Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One of the Worst Posts on Infoshop Ever - And the Best Beat Down

Someone's attempt at attacking insurrectionary anarchism.

Poster "adidas" amazing response:

""Where is the color in social war? The women? "

Alright man. You are starting to make me mad.

People of color and women are just as involved in the "Social War" trend of anarchism that you speak of as they are in your activist-style Funk The War shit. What, you think that women and people of color aren't into "violence and rupture"? Oh no, you're right, I forgot. We should break down gender barriers while at the same time reinforcing the mystification of violence as "male" "agro" "macho" and something that women obviously wouldn't have anything to do with. Of course insurrectionary anarchism is sexist and macho, anything that escalates tactics beyond dancing in the street and intentional arrest *always* is nowadays with your crowd.

Tell me, anonymous author..If the Black Bloc was taking the Funk The War somewhere, how did the person in the Funk The War wearing daisy dukes and a tie-dye bandana know they were "agro dudes"? Or was that person simply drawing on their sexist and patriarchal ideas that confrontational tactics are ALWAYS used by "agro men", or even worse, "macho men". Tell that to my female co-defendant who cracked a cop with a god damned baseball bat in DC (Don't worry, we were found guilty. She did that shit!)

Don't even get me started on your racist ass (yeah, I actually called somebody out on racism. i must be becoming some kind of PC anarchist now!) talking about the nice black people who were just trying to have a peaceful march through Oakland, CA. I guess all the images of people of color fighting police, telling the media why they were fighting, and leading marches in support of cop killing were instigated by the big bad white men who lead the International Black Bloc Group based in Macho Man Randy Savage Stadium in Crawford Texas.

Fuck you.

-An Ignorant Ass Man"

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