Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Zines Out

Total Destroy - Milwaukee Insurrectionary Zine
Environmentalism Has Been Recycled - From Sticks and Stones Press
Step it Up - Class War Insurrectionary from Canada


  1. "Find places where people congregate and hang out and set up free literature and food tables. Use this space as a place to hang out but also engage with the public about your ideas. This is especially for those who can’t afford to create an infoshop in their area."

    hm, sounds a lot like... FOOD NOT BOMBS! :p

  2. I guess. I think if you're intentions for doing something like that above is to meet people for the purpose of making connections and deepening social struggles then that's great, even if you're doing it with FNB.

    While most FNB projects are aimed at feeding just one group, ie the homeless but a lot of time random punk kids, I think setting up free lit tables in public areas helps create a social space where you can talk with the public and allow anarchist ideas to become visable.

  3. i think what it is important to note is the intentionality behind a specific anarchist project. why it is being done: the individuals involved in the projects reasons and how those are set out. not just how it is defined...

    *reply to first anon.