Monday, March 30, 2009

what is to be said?

For the last six months I've paid almost $400 a month to live in a room in a house in Modesto, which is a former foreclosed home near the airport district. I like the neighborhood; I grew up in a house about a mile away in a similar neighborhood and also worked at the bowling alley a block away from the house for about two years. The block I live on isn't super special, just a general average working class neighborhood in Modesto.

Anyway, trouble has been brewing in paradise for quite some time now. I moved into the house because after I broke up with my partner and had to move into my parents place for about two months, they started trying to sell their house. A friend from high school and one of her close friends were at the time trying to get a place and asked me if I wanted to come on board. Not my friend from high school, but the other person, we'll call her, supapieceoshit, got her mommy to buy a house for her, and have us pay the mortgage. Anyway, moved in. The landlords don't know their eyes from their assholes. They took about three months to really get the house finished, lay all the tile, finish the bathroom. We didn't have a bathroom for about a month. I had to sleep in my room with three other people and two dogs; which over the period of a month not only took a shit on my bed but also threw up in my room.

It seems that supapieceoshit had some debts to pay with a couple who had recently been foreclosed on, and let them move in. These people got on my nerves because they couldn't function unless that were fully and completely blown and also had extremely loud fights at 5:30 in the morning. Anyway, around the start of the new year, they left.

Supapieceoshit put in whiteboards on my door and my friend from high schools door; this remained our primary form of communication. It quickly became clear that I in fact had two landlords. One was supapieceofshit, and that other was supapieceoshit's mom. Fantastic.

Just to give you an example of supapieceoshit's supapieceoshitness, once I parked in the driveway next to another car. Supapieceofshit came home and parked right behind me; blocking my exit from the driveway. She proceeded to tell me that she always had to have a space in the driveway and basically I could go fuck myself for daring to take "her" spot. It was very clear that in this house, mommy's daughter got what she wanted and the rest of us could eat shit. My friend from high school, who was best friends with supapieceofshit, wanted to keep social peace at all costs, and would scold me for sticking up for myself. Why did I have to make things difficult and create tension? Maybe because I have a spine and don't like to be treated like a fucking dog.

Things reached a head when supapieceofshit threatened to throw away all my food if any of it turned out to have been dumpster dived, (this was told to me after she ate my butter and I told her where I got it). I then made some comment about perhaps my "mommy would buy me a house..." blah blah blah. She got pissed.

One of the things that authoritarians in authoritarian systems hate is when you pin point it's logic, and say how dumb it is. Anyway, after that, supapieceofshit asked her mom to kick me out and yesterday night I got a 30 day notice. I find it funny that she gets angry when I make fun of her for having her mother buy her a house, but used her mom to get rid of me because "we don't get along."

The final straw for me was when I discovered that supapieceoshit was growing some plants in what was supposed to be the office room - let's just say that weren't pretty flowers or tomatoes. I got angry because I didn't want to pay for the lights and heating lamps, and supapieceoshit told me not to go into that room anymore or talk about it. I wasn't even supposed to know what was going on in there. Later, the door became locked and in a sense I was paying not only for the electricity of keeping the plants alive, but also for a room that I didn't have access to.

So yeah, we "don't get along." We don't get along because I stick up for myself as much as possible. I've still put up with a lot of shit when I shouldn't have, but I did so because I knew that supapieceofshit could have me thrown out because she is in effect, the live in landlord. Anyway, fuck them. I'm glad to be gone. I'm moving in with a friend and fellow anarchist and will soon be getting a new house that is only $500 a month! It has a large barn/garage that we will use to host events in Modesto and we plan on setting up an info/show space. So keep posted for MAC details.

But, before I get kick out of this piece of shit, you know that I have to do something bad ass right? Fuck yeah you do. That's why for my birthday I had a par-tay in the foe-closure crisis capital, aka my backyard. Here what went down. So, I put out the word to party for my birthday, and then told everyone to meet me in the foreclosed house behind mine. There was a bench out there with some stuff set up that would allow for the precious holding of beer and snacks. Anyway, there was power outside, (which means it was still on in the house), music on, Natty Ice was flowing. The neighbors were cursing at each other so I asked them if we were being too loud, and they were totally cool with it and even later sent their kids over to hang out with us (perhaps a bad decision but we gave them no beer), and some other locals showed up. My friend made a joke when I went over to talk to the neighbors that this was going to be the defining moment to if anarchism was going to work or not. When I came back with the news he threw up his hands and said, "I knew it. That's working class solidarity right there." Something like that. Anyway, the dude across the street that came over was cool, but at one point, he let it slip something about 'protecting the future for white children' or something. Oh hell no. My friend, let us call him, Emillio, launched into perhaps one of the most impassioned and angry, nearly violence inducing rants against racism and calling for class war that I've probably ever heard. One line that stuck out in my head was, "Fuck the race war, what about the class war? You think the rich people on the city council give a fuck about you because you're white? What about the police who look down on you and would love to bust your head in because you're a poor white? Wake the fuck up." Pretty bad ass. Even if that guy only remembers half of white Emillio said, that fact that he had to sit through that, (knowing that the wrong move would have resulted in him getting fucked up), hopefully he'll remember that there's regular people out there who consider rich people, not other working people, the enemy, and also that working class latinos (at least in the case of Emillio) think that himself and poor whites have more in common that rich people in general. A powerful statement. Anyway, so the squat party was a success, got people together, I got pretty fucked up, and we managed to hold the space without any sort of police interference. If we can get away with this in certain neighborhoods, what else can we start to do?

So, in the next couple days I'll be moving my shit. As for supapieceoshit, being that she lives with three dogs in her room, it smells like old rotting cheese in there, there's so much dog hair in her room that the vacuum won't even work, and she seems like someone who is pretty pissy most of the time, I honestly just hope her life continues to be as shitty as it seems to be. That, and she eats glass. Adios mutha fuckas.


  1. ... nice to see some anarchists with teeth. the middle class are the 'house negros' of the proles.

  2. Ohhhh...I likey that line.


  3. Dear crudo,

    I've never written in asking for advice before but I'm deeply concerned that I might be a middle class anarchist.! I'm worried because I'm just not sure how to MTD on myself.

    What exactly is a middle class anarchist? Is it defined by income? upbringing? "radical" liberal/activist leanings? The form of transportation I use?

    I like this post so I'm not trying to flame you or start petty shit, but I'm curious, living in a really segregated city, how one goes about shedding their class background to deal with people on level ground. Those that do often are accused of gentrifying or 'choosing' poverty which makes them into assholes.

  4. "What exactly is a middle class anarchist? Is it defined by income? upbringing? "radical" liberal/activist leanings? The form of transportation I use?" -

    The critique that I've tried to develop around 'middle class anarchism' is less about class make up of people than what they are thinking and articulating in regards to their ideas. This centers around primarily the belief in the role of the individual to change society, generally through their actions that allow them to 'drop out of society.' Also the belief in 'bringing fire to the savages,' and showing people how to live. This is counter poised to the idea in collective, class based struggle.

    Then, there are 'middle class anarchists.' In the sense that they come from middle class backgrounds. What makes one middle class will depend on who you talk to.

    How do you go about shedding your class background? I don't know.


  5. Okay okay, yeah I see where you're coming from regarding MCA's and their thinking. The "as the world burns" comic is a pretty hilarious skewering of these types. I would also argue that some MCA's recognize the arrogance of showing people how to live but to compensate they sacrifice themselves and their desires for 'the cause' by working overtime on charity like projects or on 'coalition building.'