Friday, March 13, 2009

We'll Always Have Paris '68

So of course on a day that I could work and take off to do yard work at my parents house to help them out, I get like 8 calls for work. I passed up a history class today to take it easy and get ready for the bookfair - fuck me. It just proves how much I hate work when about an extra hour of sleep is worth more than a days pay. Anyway...

Hope to meet a lot of new faces and friends this weekend in SF - and see old ones.

I tried in vain all yesterday to upload the new Vengeance, but just as well. I had a quote from the movie 'Sweeny Todd' in the new issue, and I spelled it 'Tweeny Todd.' I already changed it, but thanks to my friend who pointed it out.

Anyway, V2 now exists only on copy form. I have a little over one hundred copies. 7 pages long.

Anyway - Vengeance 2, unleashed upon the world.

1 comment:

  1. sweeney todd, YES! glad to see another anarchist hip to this subversive, brutal, awesome contemporary opera. i am trying to guess which line it is...