Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Stuff Out Now! Secret crudo Passage!

So, Crimethinc has published a new Rolling Thunder. If you haven't picked this up yet, it looks amazing. Lots of full color photos, nice design, etc. This issue will have reports on the Oakland riots, Greece, and the RNC/DNC stuff. I'll be excited to see what he Crimethinc folks will have in store for us this time. View more info about it here. While I won't give many details, I will have a small contribution to this issue of Rolling Thunder. You'll have to read through the "Tales from the RNC" at the end of the magazine and see if you can find the one that I wrote. Here's a hint, it takes place above the ground...

Also, much respect for the homies out of Antioch CA. Like Modesto where I reside, Antioch has been hit hard by foreclosure, poverty, and the recession. They publish and excellent magazine there, are working on a variety of projects, and are putting on the Far East Bay Anarchist Conference this weekend. Should be excellent, plus I'm speaking. So show up if you live in the area, bring your distro, and come out if you're interested in serious community/class based insurrectionary street level action. Info on the conference here and the new AA here.

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