Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Introduction to Vengeance #2

Where the proles, where the proles, where the proles at? You better rep that if you gonna front that.

"The mode of production that existed one hundred years ago still exists today, and this mode of production - capitalism - is still defined by the exploitation of labor to produce surplus value. The accumulation of capital is still the order of the day. The proletariat are still the contradiction."
- xDonx, Total Destruction

"The proletariat cannot create its own new form of power except by becoming the class of consciousness. The growth of productive forces will not in itself guarantee the emergence of such a power — not even indirectly by way of the increasing dispossession which that growth entails. Nor can a Jacobin-style seizure of the state be a means to this end. The proletariat cannot make use of any ideology designed to disguise its partial goals as general goals, because the proletariat cannot preserve any partial reality that is truly its own."
Guy Debord, Society of the Spectacle

Another day another dollar they say? Yeah fucking right. That's what it feels like I'm making, one fucking dollar. I think I've become a commuter, fuck this shit. I wake up at 6:30 nearly every morning and if I've taken a shower the night before I lay there for probably too long and by about 6:50 I'm in my car hurtling down the street towards the freeway. I'm then stuck in the car for the next 40 minutes, and depending if I I get stuck behind farm equipment or some slow fucker, I'm usually late to work by about 5-10 minutes. This is my life, and it's ending second by second. I usually go to sleep at 12 midnight or about 1 AM, usually because I'm hanging out with friends at my house, working on various projects, drinking, or watching a movie. I also try and spend time with my friend who is dating one of my room mates and sense he works nights, he usually wakes up when I'm getting off work. The times in between our sleep and work patterns are some of the few times that we get to see each other. In the late hours of the night, we attempt to steal moments from Capital. Like it or not, our lives, how we live them, the time that we have to sleep, be awake, and do what we need to do is all structured around work. Even if we are unemployed, living off of dumpstered bagels and riding a train in the middle of Nebraska somewhere, we are still subject to the dictates of Capital and its force upon society. We work in warehouses, classrooms, and retail stores. We exist to move, to transport, sell, and reproduce the commodity based society. We often just think of ourselves as simply having shitty lives and jobs. We often pretend that a few more years at junior college will really make things somehow swing in our favor. We often just call ourselves "people," but history has called us by another name: proletarians. We are the agent of chaos in the house of cards which is this class society - for we are the contradiction within it.

The sweeping force of proletarianization across the earth is all powerful and grows daily. Indeed, Capital must expand and grow if it is to continue - as long as it exists, a geniune human community is impossible. No one from the indigenous peoples of Papua New Guinea who face the imposition of mines and industrial development on their lands to people like my parents who work in somewhat secure white collar unionized jobs can escape the increasing push of both the physical and emotional poverty that is class society. And the new crsis of Capital is rising. As the ranks of the homeless swell. The ranks of those in poverty swell. The ranks of those displaced and driven from their homes swell. The ranks of the dead swell...The civilization of Capital seeks to encompass all; to expand the desert from here to everywhere. The global Left has shown itself to be nothing but the 'loyal opposition' to Capital; meaning that it is loyal to Capital itself. The Left offers us nothing but more of the same - not even just a kinder gentler capitalism anymore, but a better, more structured, more 'green' and better organized one. The tune that everyone is now playing is that of, "Things are bad all over." It seems as if everyone now is impacted by the recession in the United States. I find it hard to not find someone who has not been laid off, lost work, been foreclosed on, had family deported or attacked by ICE pigs, or seen their standard of living decrease, or at least know someone who has. Everywhere the desert is growing. Everywhere we are all gasphing for water. That reality is as clear as my bank account, the carcenigens in your breast milk, and the pesticides poising everything from the slaves in the fields to you as you eat the food that they picked.

How's that for a fucking uplifting opener? First off, I want to say that the feedback that I got from Vengeance #1 was great. Even most of the critique that it received was largely a lot better than I thought it was going to be, and most people had mostly intelligent things to say in regards to the points that I was bringing up. I think the best part of the feedback, and the project in general, was the amount of people that wrote to me and said that what I was writing were things that they had always thought but were afraid to say before or had never had the chance to articulate. I think the fact that there can now be a move from the "I" to "we" is great. What Vengeance has shown is that there is a body of people within anarchism who are working class, have working class experiences, and want to articulate a working class anarchist resistance. Furthermore, Vengeance has shown that there are many who are fed up with the middle class ideological push of activism and liberalism that passes as anarchism in the United States and hunger for something more. Remember comrade, we, the proles within the revolutionary movement have let them take this shit over. We can blame the 60's, the hippies, or punk rock (actually the break with the working class goes back to WW II, but fuck it), but we cannot escape the reality that the proletarian movement as a conscious body of physical force against class society (and thus against itself as a class) has lain dormant for far to long and that the revolutionary movement has become a playground for the middle class. If we're pissed and not doing anything about it then we should shut the fuck up and go about attending the next shitty workshop or sit through another fucking stupid conversation about 'Steampunk' or something dumb. Where once there was bank robberies and general strikes, daily newspapers and running gun battles, now there is only constant bickering about boring things like veganism and endless seminars on bike repair. If this pisses you off you should do something about it. What are you waiting for? This is my intervention, what is yours?

The goal of this publication is still the same - to draw blood, to fuck shit up, to piss people off, and to build revolutionary proletarian culture. Already I'm hearing feedback from people who are starting to put some of these ideas into action and this excites me. It excites me because this is something real and tangible on the street, as I do not desire in any way to construct a new politics of identity around being 'working class,' nor do I wish to start seeing breakout meetings at gatherings and conferences where we get together and complain about people with trust funds and how we have to go to work or some shit. That comment also isn't a knock at workshops against white supremacy or people who talk about sexism during meetings - this is just me stating what I want to come out of this project. I want to see things that build our power and make us feel good while doing it. I'm interested in meeting others and actualizing our ideas through action. This to a certain degree is already starting, as publications like Antioch Arrow (East Bay CA) and The Rebel (Pacific Northwest) have also taken many of these concepts as their own and run with them. If feedback and response to this publication continues, I will continue to run with this project. Class society and sadly the United States anarchist movement itself gives me too much ammo that I can not help but load this gun and aim it at this fucking world. So for those picking this up for the first time, please, get in contact with me if this zine moves you - or if you want to talk about these ideas in greater detail - even if you disagree with them. I can be contacted at or at (yes yes - kill yourself). I can also be contacted via snail mail at: Modesto Anarcho, PO Box 3027, Modesto, CA 95353. You can also check out my blog at This desire for contact is not simply for face value or just something you put at the start of every zine - I would really like to talk to anyone who is moved by these ideas or anything that I have to say.

I do not wish to become a talking head, propose the start of an organization or some form of network (not that I'm opposed to such things), or become some sort of leader. Above all I wish to find people - to make connections with others; to create and build real friendships. I want to continue to turn this "I" into "we." We have shown that our experiences are important and shared by others; now it is time to turn that misery of our daily lives into action, into rage, into vengeance. Not only on this world, but on this movement that claims so boldy that it will free us.

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