Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Get Your Vengeance On

So if you're following this blog, you know that I promised that Vengeance #2 is on the way, and it is. I will have copies of the new issue as well as issue number one (although it's the version that's not online and has lots of funny mistakes - but wot the fok), at the SF bookfair. Anyway. I started putting the new issue together last night - I've been working on the text for about two months. I'm cutting most of the poems since no ones seems to care about those and most of them are too dark and violent to print anyway. But whatever.

Most of the essays are just a continuation of the article "make the total destroy on middle class anarchism," and respond to some of the critics of the last issue. I also will go into some ideas for crew based activities. There will also be some poetry and lots of quotes from various authors and homies, so...maybe I quoted you, check it out. I'll be posted up essays as often as I can on here, so be sure to check back. They will be somewhat unedited, so if there's a typo or two - deal with it.

In other personal egomaniacal propaganda, I think you can still pick up copies of Vengeance #1 at the SubRosa infoshop, a place I was at last week and saw that Vengeance is now being sold for $3 and is a staff pick. Check out this fine establishment and get a copy of the magazine as well as the new Modesto Anarcho. They also carry a wonderful selection of indigenous resistance publications and magazines like Rolling Thunder and 325. You can also pick up a copy at Bound Together in SF, I believe. I'm still on for the bookfair, speaking that is. I'm interested in perhaps moving the conversation outside since I don't think 20 minutes will be long enough to really have an in depth talk. Everyone should also totally come by the Modesto Anarcho table. We perhaps will be the only table with copies of Invisible Committee texts such as the Call and the Coming Insurrection as well as other bad ass shit.

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