Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Zines that are bringin da soc war

I spend a lot of time over at zinelibrary.info, it's pretty awesome, check it out if you get the chance. You can upload and download anarchist/radical zines and publications for free.

I usually hit it up once a week to see what new shit has come out, and it's been nice to see that a lot of anarchist crews/groups have been putting out more local publications. I also like how people seem to be really up on putting out zines from essays that are coming out. This is great, because I know not all of us are fucking nerds that check infoshop 24/7.

Anyway, into the thick of it.

The first zine that I wanted to bring to everyone's attention is the new issue of Fire to the Prisons, published by A Longing for Collapse Press. I like this issue because it seems to avoid any sort of secretarian drivel that either goes in a class struggle or primitivist direction, and is equally hostile to both Capital and civilization, kudos. Download it here.

The next publication is a new one from the Northwest, entitled, Continual War. It's a lot like Ain't No Part Like A West Coast Party, that came out in late 2008, and consists of basically action reports and communiques from actions across the West Coast. Check it out here.

Also, the Bash Back! network that has been fucking shit up for some time now has put out a new publication entitled Pink and Black Attack, a wonderful smaller zine that has reports and articles from a militant non-assimilationist queer anarchist perspective. Hope this shit keeps up. Download it here.

Finally, there's an entire copy of the Curious George Brigades' Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs. Despite some major critisms of this piece, I like it a lot, so check it out here.

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