Monday, February 9, 2009

Tin Tin: This is the Shit

People like to get on my case because I complain about the Call being hard to read, or how the Invisible Committee writes like a bunch of hard to understand philosophizers. Anyway, I like shit that is to the point, can get across a message to both a radical audience and a general one, and also has a deep critique and theory that can be articulate easily.

That's why I love Breaking Free: The Adventures of Tin Tin. Set in the 1980's a Britain, Tin Tin is a working class youth who shoplifts, fucks around on the dole, and also hangs out with his friend the Captain and his wife. When Tin Tin gets a job at the Captain's workplace, a work related death leads the lads (and ladesses!) to go on strike at the construction site. Soon the strike has spread to other workplaces, community action groups join forces as they fight against gentrification in the area, and the workers reject the leadership of the union. There's a lot to take in in this book, as the story is told not only from Tin Tin's perspective, but also from characters that are black, lesbian and gay, and women. Topics such as racism within the class, homophobia, and sexism are a constant theme within the book, as Breaking Free pushes for an uncompromising class hatred of the rich and for self-organized working class revolt.

For your reading pleasure I'm adding a link to the book as well as a hard to find copy of some more Tin Tin cartoons from the same area. Check them out.

Full book.

Hard to find comic.

If you come by the Anarchist Bookfair in SF this year, check out the Modesto Anarcho table, we'll try to have copies of this book on hand.


  1. Have you tried putting together your own copy of Breaking Free or do you have your hands on a published copy? I'm curious as to how it prints out.

  2. I created a pdf from the Tin Tin Revolution site. I'll be posting it up soon.