Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vengeance Blog: Class Hatred Online

Welcome to the Vengeance blog.

I hope to update this blog often, especially since I'll be doing most postings while I'm at work (haha!) If I end up getting a lot of feedback from this thing I'll keep it updated pretty often.

I plan on using this blog for several purposes.

1.) To promote and give links and posts from Vengeance, my personal journal.

2.) To critique and beat down the middle class and liberal elements within the contemporary anarchist movement.

3.) To address, critique, and write about goings on in the world from a revolutionary proletarian perspective.

4.) To bring to light class conscious and revolutionary proletarian culture in the way of films, music, and other mediums.

5.) To give spotlight to revolutionary, insurrectionary, and class struggle projects be they anarchist, (anti-state) communist, (autonomous) Marxist, autonomist, indigenous, etc.


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