Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Personal Propaganda

You can download the first issue of Vengeance here at:

You can also seem some of the debate around the publication here at:

If you live in the Bay Area of California, the Anarchist Discussion Group based out of the Bound Together Anarchist Bookstore will soon be reading Vengeance in their next meeting. Contact them for more information.

Also, it appears that I will be doing a workshop based around some of my ideas at the Anarchist Bookfair in SF (CA - USA) this year. Here's the working description:

WORKSHOP: 'Make the Total Destroy on Middle Class Anarchism: The Importance of Intentions in Anarchist Action': Starting with a critique of his own past experiences involved with anarcho-activism, crudo argues that many anarchist projects are based in middle class values and ideology. He argues that the intentions behind why we carry out anarchist projects are just as important as the projects themselves. He proposes that instead of creating projects that "create an example" to the public or make demands of the existing system, we should instead base our projects on building working class power and fostering revolt.

BIO: crudo is a anarchist born and raised in the Central Valley town of Modesto California. Involved in the North American anarchist movement for over 6 years, he was a member of the Modesto based community organizing group, Direct Action Anti-Authoritarians (DAAA) Collective, from 2003-2006, and has since run with the Modesto Anarcho Crew (MAC - wat wat). He currently is an editor for Modesto Anarcho: The Valley's Insurrectionary Journal of Class Struggle ( which Little Black Cart calls "...endearingly incoherent..."), and publishes a personal zine, Vengeance. crudo lives in a former foreclosed home in Modesto and everyday while driving to work contemplates hanging himself. He is currently single.

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